The Healer

Who is Eveline?

Healing through joyful living

I am a healer, artist, trainer and joy-coach and have training and further education in:

Systemic Coaching, Art Therapy, Huna Healing, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Staging Technique (Inszenario Technik), Provocative Therapy after Frank Farrelly, PET (Provocative Energy Techniques) after Dr. David Lake and Steve Wells, Short-Term Therapy after Steve de Shazer, as well as Family Constellations, Cybernetics, Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology, and shamanism techniques.

An especially profound experience for me was my 2008 visit to John of God in Casa de Dom Inacio in Abidiania, Brazil. Since January, 2010 I am also a Reiki master.

Since 2006 I have appreciated and been integrating on a daily basis the Abraham materials from Esther and Jerry Hicks who created the foundations for the film “The Secret”. I find these books and seminars inspiring and have sat several times in the hot seat, asking Abraham questions which is a vibrationally soaring experience. Many of my daily joy-exercises ( only in German) have originated, for instance, after trying out Abraham’s statements for myself.

Through all of these training programs and through my experience I have suitable healing methods at hand for almost any situation, although I prefer spiritual healing as this is what I have been practicing for 35 years.

Spiritual Healing has many advantages:

There are no risks involved; it’s free of any side effects (other than freedom, joy and growth) and helps in cases, which appear hopeless. It effects one’s health as a preventative, protective factor as spirituality, appreciation, joy, liberation and forgiveness strengthen the immune system often more than healthy nutrition and sports.

I hold my healing sessions, lectures and seminars in English and in German. I cooperate with organizations under private law as well as public organizations.

My path as a Healer

Since 1973 I have been occupying myself with the questions:

* What heals?

* How can we heal ourselves?

* How can we increase our spiritual competence?

* How can we accelerate our social capabilities?

* What brings about success when healing, and what strengthens this?

I began my healing practice in 1973, the year of my first marriage, in my immediate surroundings so that my children seldom needed medical aide – only in caring for wounds after playing injuries or for dental treatments.

Since then I have had training every year in further methods of healing, have taken up new topics in healing and have delved further with steadily increasing enthusiasm. In doing so two questions have led me throughout the years:

Where do we find love? What increases joy?

Therefore I reassess my successes in healing — even if the physical healing is already visible – with two questions:

To what extent has the client’s joy increased?

To what extent has the client’s ability to love broadened?

And, what’s more important, to what extent does he/she allow him/herself to be loved?

A permanent state of wellbeing is only possible if as many life aspects as possible are supported by love and joy.

I have a wide spectrum of healing tools available to me through the various training programs I have completed. These intellectual, spiritual, emotional, energetic, artistic, life-affirming and tender methods serve, however, the goal to increase the ability to experience joy, so that joy becomes the health principle.

Joy of the Heart

Joy of the Mind

Joy of the Body

Joy of Life

Joy in Relationships

Joy in Love

Joyful living has a dynamic influence on mental health and thus, in addition, heals the body. As a result people can be alert, open, creative, cordial and self-responsible.

My personal story

Even as a child I felt deeply connected to the spiritual world. In the evening I’d hold conversations with my inner vision of God for hours on end and discussed everything that seemed important to me.

As I was raised in a Catholic family, however, I kept my spiritual experiences to myself. Decades later I was finally able to recognize this after soaking in greedily every attainable book, play or conversation treating spiritual themes.

At school my religion teachers labeled me a rebel as I never stopped asking uncomfortable questions when all I wanted was to have contradictions resolved.

By my mid-twenties I had visited countless churches, sects, and religious communities and discussed endlessly with their advocates. I had listened to philosophical, astrological and spiritual lectures and had read a number of “forbidden” books and manuscripts.

I quit the Catholic Church and joined a Protestant Free Church, only to soon leave again.

From then on I followed my own inner voice.

I studied the foundations and backgrounds of the science of healing with Dr. Max Kappeler at his “Institute for the Science of Being” in Berlin for 15 years.

And still something was missing. Perhaps it was activities in the outside world – and so I engaged myself politically and socially.

I took abused mothers and their children into my family, took care of female ex-convicts, helped drug addicts on withdrawal, and supported people in financial crisis. I was a co-founder of citizens groups, district discussions, took part in the formation of playgrounds and founded mothers’ and women’s groups. I developed educational plans for adult education, especially for women and engaged myself for nature and environmental protection.

And still something was missing.

For a long time I was unable to give it a name – it was more an unsatisfied feeling. I still had so many unanswered questions, for instance, what is “right” and “wrong”? How do I know if I am on the “right” path?

Joy as an inner navigation

Today I know that joy was missing – joy as the inner navigator, as a safe and dependable guideline, which communicates to me that I am in the right place!

That’s why I am happy I didn’t let go of my explorations until I acquired the methods of how we arrive at the state of healing joy.

Finally when Joyful Living became the goal and content of my explorations and healing work, I felt free. I experienced inner peace and finally had the security of having found my path.

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