Healing in Vienna

One-on-one Sessions

Enter a realm of joy and become whole: single or small group sessions have proven to be an effective path. You decide on the price in our first conversation. Usually I agree with the price suggestions, otherwise we can talk about it again. Healing sessions on the telephone or via Skype are possible. Just write an email and suggest an appointment.

Wishing-Well Circles

(formerly Healing Circles) take place on every 4th Friday of the month.

Address: 1150 Vienna, Markgraf-Ruedigerstr. 7/20

Registration for participation is per e-mail. The maximum number of participants for Friday evenings is seven. First come, first serve per e-mail registration. At the Wishing-Well Circle the desires of the participants are led to the original Source of Life and embedded into the river of Life. All of those present work together on the fulfillment of the wish through various techniques, which I introduce accordingly. The procedure varies as each individual has different needs

time: 6 pm

address: Markgraf-Ruediger-Str. 7/20, 1150 Vienna, Austria

minimum contribution: € 25,

Participation is first come, first serve. That means there is a wait list and the first seven on the list participate. As regular participation can achieve a more intensive effect, those who come to all appointments, are kept higher on the list.

Please note

If you come by car, this address is in the area of the “Stadthalle”, which means there are compulsory parking fees between 6 pm and 11 pm.

If you come by public transport, exit the U3 at Schweglerstraße, exit the U6 at Burggasse/Stadthalle or exit tram 48 or tram 9 at Beingasse.


Please ask via email for date and time of the seminars in Vienna (Austria), Zurich (Switzerland), and Teguise, Lanzarote (Canary Islands).

Women’s Language for Success

Do you as a woman take care of fulfilling your needs? How does your language affect others? How does your inner and outer attitude affect others?

Would you like to make a confident impression?

Experience in this seminar how you can feel so comfortable with yourself so that none of your wishes can be refused.

“Women’s Language for Success”

How to get what you want

Joy as the main component of your sovereignty.

If you enjoy yourself, so will others. People, who radiate joy, make a confident impression as a matter of course.

One participant’s account from this same seminar when it was held in Zurich, Switzerland:

Eveline’s method is balanced, harmonious and in constant transition between listening, verbal and non-verbal reactions to remarks made by the participants. Provocative in a literal sense – Eveline elicits joy from us.

She was able to achieve this by listening attentively, by giving sensitive feedback and by posing questions when the moment was ripe, meaning at the moment we had opened ourselves for this insightful step.

This led to understanding and deepened self-awareness, becoming apparent through frequent epiphanies by all present and was expressed in joy, happiness and laughter.

As a group leader Eveline has a sovereign attitude and presence, based on her professionalism, her pedagogical and methodical talent, on her deep love for her fellow human beings, on her unadulterated radiance of joy, her attractive appearance and lively presence, which never let up. Her presence was intellectual, spiritual as well as physical.

I felt I was guided by a sure hand, but also treated as an equal partner in her rich knowledge and experience.

She withdraws from the role of the leader. I felt I was on my own personal path to realization and not on hers. This occurred in the most pleasurable and beneficial way: in joy and laughter.

There is no theoretical discussion about “The Appeal of Joy” – what occurs is a learning process on how power can be awakened and employed to attract joy.

This process proceeded in an open, relaxed atmosphere, which became visibly perceptible in the decreasing reservation and increasing liveliness of the discussion in the course of the seminar.

Finally Eveline introduced us to practical exercises, in daily- applied practices, which strengthen the consciousness for joy and invigorate its attraction.

In the end our cheerful mood was the manifestation of our progress made with joy and awareness.

Thank you, Eveline!

Dr. K.S.

Self-healing methods

In the Self Healing Seminars I support as many participants present as possible to eliminate blocks and master challenges. You will learn new techniques, which you can also apply by yourself.

*Releasing physical pain

Acquire methods you can apply at home to free yourself of headaches, soar throats or tension.

*Overcoming dependencies

Stop smoking collectively – with methods to apply at home for liberating yourself once and for all of dependencies.

*Quick relief from phobias

Learn a method to liberate yourself from fears, (e.g. public speaking, vertigo, flying, snakes and spiders, elevators) or other irrational fears or phobias.

*Treating Trauma without Tears

Liberate yourself from the aftermath of traumatic experiences. In doing so, you do not need to share this experience with others. During the treatment you only need to think about the situation you want to be relieved of.

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