Spiritual Life Coach Online Training

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You Want To Become A Successful Life Coach?

You are prepared to first be your own best coach before you coach others?

You just love to inspire, motivate and appreciate others?

You feel your purpose and direction lies in uplifting and teaching?

You seek satisfying and fun filled work?

You are ready to start a practice or want to enhance your current practice?

…then maybe this is for you!

About me

I started healing and spiritually coaching friends and relatives in 1971 and developed my skills and knowledge and experience ever since. My coaching tools and methods have been enhancing and expanding over the years with all the masters and teachers I worked with in the course of time. This is why I now provide a Spiritual Life Coach program for those who want to avail themselves of my experience and knowledge.

I would love to connect with you personally to find out more about you and what has drawn you to consider working and playing with me. And I would also like to address your personal questions and desires as you are considering a new and fun filled career. If you want papers for the time we worked and played together I will confirm your participation in the course.

In this programm you will

  • Exercise and deepen your intuition
  • Learn how to succeed in caring for yourself first to be of value to others
  • Practice coaching skills to assist people in times of crisis, change and transition.
  • Learn how to provide useful relationship, health, life balance, business and career coaching.
  • Find out the unique strengths of your clients and focus on them for them to see them too.
  • Practice tools to focus on solutions and chances in career coachings
  • Acquaint yourself with spiritual tools to resolve difficult life challenges
  • Practice live sessions and be given feedback on your skills
  • Exercise healing techniques and processes of different masters
  • Find out how to make a difference for yourself and others

This Spiritual Life Coach training and coaching programm relies on universal spiritual principles and people of all faiths and traditions may attend. You can infuse your own religious or spiritual approach into your coaching practice. You will find out ways how spirituality can improve your and your clients life and exercise with keys to integrate spirituality into everyday life.

During the course your manual will grow with every individual and group session. You will get handouts in the process and more. Most importantly, it also includes individual sessions to develop your awareness level, as well as further support after your attendance.

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