Eveline Gisela Amort

Healer, artist, trainer, joy-coach

Welcome to my website!

Please feel comfortable and allow yourself to be stimulated into taking a new path to deep, healing joy.

The goal of my curative work is for you to experience joyful living, to find heartfelt love for yourself, for you to allow others to love you, for you to even love your vices as they are a path to your healing.

My Name is Eveline … even though my legal name is Gisela Amort, call me Eveline if you would like me to accompany you as your friend and healer on your path to recovery and joyful living.

Joy Heals

Joy for life and for everything connected to life sends signals to your organism that there are a great deal of good reasons to be sound, healthy, cheerful and agile. Joyful living is the basis for holistic healing.

First Signs of Healing

People often come to me in a gloomy, bent, pained and fearful state but leave for home upright, radiant, free and confident. Glowing eyes, resilient movements, and a cheerful radiance are often the first signs that healing is underway.

Health, Wealth and Succeeding at Partnership

In further sessions we resolve together mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual blocks, which have possibly created disease, financial difficulties or frustrating relationships. Together we construct new, wholesome behavioral patterns and anchor those, which are conducive to your partnership, prosperity, and wellbeing.

For this reason it is important in my curative work for you to learn to love yourself unconditionally and allow others to love you.  You will bring love and wellbeing into your life through the law of attraction.

Allowing Wellbeing

Many people unconsciously block themselves. They don’t allow their own wellbeing just as they won’t allow themselves to be loved – and don’t see the lose-lose situation they’ve put themselves in. Through the Law of Attraction, which never judges, they bring only further blocks into their lives.

In order to enjoy life and allow love in, one must be permeable for the Love of Life and Allowing To Be Loved.

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